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What is it like to have fillers for the first time?

So many people think about having fillers but are afraid it will hurt, that’s things will go wrong or that the results won’t be what they expect. I felt the same way. Here is my story. I don’t want big cheeks or big lips but I understand I am ageing and I am loosing the support of bone and fat in my face as I get older. It sucks but it’s happening to everyone. I see the loss on my face, mostly now when I’m heading to I’ve thought about it a lot and I know all the side effects and what to expect but I was still nervous. Then one day I went for it. Yes it’s expensive. Yes you need to pay for a good injector! It’s your face which you wear EVERY day, invest appropriately. Cheap prices can mean an inexperienced injector or cheap products that have not passed all the tests required by the UK and US Medical regulatory authorities. Research your injector and the products they use! If things go wrong having an experienced injector makes all the difference. Yes you need more filler than you think - for good noticeable results you need about 3 mls of Filler. 1 ml is less than a t-spoon, don’t expect the world from one syringe. Yes, you can do things in stages but 1ml is 1ml. Plan ahead so you wont be disappointed. Do listen to your injectors suggestions, they are trained to assess your face and how you age. Don’t be offended, they want to help you and sometimes you only see one things when another treatment may work better to achieve the results you want. Understand that anyone can rent a room on Harley Street. Read reviews and ask your friends for recommendations (yes, they are doing it!) Check your injectors credentials. Go to a medical person! Will it hurt? Honestly, It’s a sharp injection, like going to the dentist but then it’s over. It feels weird but it’s do able.I squeezed my hands together real hard and maybe made a few noises. Breathe. Less of an issue than I thought. It’s more the unknown that’s scary. A needle or a cannula feels the same. It helps if your injector is nice and asks you if you need a break or tells you when to breathe! You feel a bit tender and it hurts a little when you laugh later the same day. Your face feels tense as the skin has some pressure in it. There is some swelling and maybe some bruising. The next day it’s all but over. There is some unevenness for the first 2 weeks, this is normal. Don’t judge the results until it’s all settled. There may be small amounts of bruising under the skin you can’t see that makes one side higher than another. The products are made from sugar and your body of water. They mix and swell. This takes time to settle. Its normal. Give it time. Your injector should be happy to review you if you have any any worries afterwards. Drink plenty of water, it helps the filler work and lets you achieve the best results possible. Follow the aftercare advice. Its there for a reason. One day without make up or cream wont hurt you. Take photos before because you forget what you looked like and remember a massive change is never going to happen with 3mls (less than a t-spoon) of product. Your injector is really trying to make the product go as far as it can because they want to get you a result you can afford. Hardly anyone notices (especially when it’s done right). Bruises can’t be helped and can happen despite the best injection technique. Remember if you hate it, it doesn’t last for ever and can be removed if needed. Talk to your injector about the cost of this because the dissolver is expensive and not routinely included in any price. Yes things can go wrong, read about these so you know, the good injectors will tell you about them before they inject you. Do it for you, not for anyone else. Because you have to live with your face. Would I do it again. Yes, I see the subtle changes, I feel happier with how I look and I’m holding back time for just a little longer...

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