Dr Kim Booysen

MBChB, Dip Obs, LL.B, MSc IHM, MBA, Level 7 Cert Injectables

How do you pronounce her surname?

Its pronounced Boy-sin. It's as popular as Smith in South Africa.

Why is Dr Kim Booysen different?

Dr Kim works in Aesthetics daily, unlike other part-time injectors. She has experience with the products she uses and produces beautiful results that look natural and won't make you look 'done'. 

Dr Kim provides the safest treatments she can by getting regular training, using high-quality products and working in a clean environment.

Dr Kim also wants you to have a good result and be happy with your treatment. 

Is she qualified?

Dr Kim holds a post graduate certificate in Injectables and one of the first 3 doctors in the UK to do so. Read more here...

Dr Kim also is an international trainer for a pharmaceutical company that sells the products used in aesthetic treatments. She shows other practitioners to get the best results. She has also been a trainer for Harley Academy and Church Pharmacy.

She has completed her medical degree, a Law Degree (LLB), an Obstetrics Diploma, a Masters (MSc) degree in Health Management from Imperial College London, an MBA and the Level 7 Certificate in Injectables. She achieved her MSc and MBA with distinction.

She completed her medical degree at one of South Africa’s top medical training schools and has worked in several world renowned hospitals in South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom.


Cheap can be dangerous:

You may be tempted to choose your Aesthetic Practitioner based on cost, and go where it is cheapest.

I would urge you to think twice about this. The most severe complication from fillers include blindness and skin loss with scarring. There are 100 cases of blindness worldwide and 6 cases in the UK. This can happen to anyone.

To minimise the chances of this happening to you, you need to choose a doctor who is trained in anatomy and understands how the facial blood vessels interact.

Is you injector prepared for problems?

Only doctors and prescribing practitioners can hold stock of emergency medicines which are needed to treat emergency conditions. This is why it is extremely important to choose a doctor as your injector and not be tempted by specials, as properly trained doctors will have all the equipment available in the Aesthetic Clinic ready to help if needed.

Dr Booysen is happy to be contacted with any questions and she offers a complimentary 2 week review of all treatments. Reviews need to be completed within 4 weeks of initial treatment. Dr Booysen can be called with any questions after your treatment and she is happy to see you sooner if you have any concerns.

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