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Deep Chemical Peels: Which one is best for you?

Deep chemical peels penetrate down to the dermis. They give flaking, redness and itching. Down time is about a week and these require you to use skincare products prior to and after having a peel.

Deep TCA Peels

What is a TCA Peel?

TCA stands for trichloroacetic acid and is a  deep type of chemical peel that reaches the deeper layers of the skin in order to treat conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Results will still take several months to appear as the several skin cycles are required to see noticable change. Skincare regimes are needed to achieve the desired results.

For more information watch the attached video to see the results of a TCA peel.

Should I prepare for a  TCA chemical peel?

Preparing for your skin with the correct creams and washes before having a deep peel can make your skin healthier and more receptive to a deep peel, ultimately giving you a better result.


These creams and washes will also need to be used after the peel to maintain the results of the peel and keep the skin in good condition.

What should you do after a peel procedure?

It is very important that you carefully follow the advice given by your practitioner following a peel to help improve the benefit of the procedure and reduce the risk of complications or side effects. This includes:

  • Don’t pick off any dead/peeling skin as this may cause bleeding, discoloration, or mild scarring.

  • Not exposing yourself to the sun without a sunscreen for at least 6 weeks after treatment

  • Avoiding scratching or picking at the skin to reduce the chances of scarring.

  • Contact your practitioner immediately if you are concerned about anything.

Who should not have a chemical peel?

  • If you have a history of keloid scars (raised scars that grow out beyond the original injury).

  • If you have facial warts or any current facial infection.


Summary of risks from medical skin peels

Peels are a commonly used form of skin rejuvenation and the vast majority are carried out with nocomplications. Adverse effects from TCA skin peel are extremely rare.

  • Burning sensation and stinging

  • Redness - can last for a few weeks

  • Peeling - it is important that you do not pick at or peel off the skin sensitive skin after the peel

  • Infection in the skin or an out-break of cold sores. Mild transient swelling of the face

Chemical Peel results can be amazing, contact Dr Kim Booysen to see what is possible.
Before and After Pictures of Chemical Peels
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