I've used everything on the High Street but nothing works! Why are your creams different.

Dr Kim only sells medical grade skin care such as Obagi and Zo, that are scientifically designed to produce results. The ingredients are active and are only sold under medical supervision.

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I'm using injectables will skincare really be necessary?

You can minimise your wrinkles and lift some lines with injectables but without a lovely complexion you may never achieve the results you truly want. 

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I have bad pigmentation but peels and creams haven't worked, can Obagi really help?

Obagi Nu-Derm is designed to help pigmentation and can have amazing results, but it does require an investment of your time and discipline.

If you are ready to commit to better looking skin, call Dr Kim today.

Do I really need to use a whole lot of creams to get amazing skin?

Systems such as Obagi, require you to use multiple products as they work together to achieve great skin. A single product will not achieve the results you want but a combination works better.

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How does Obagi Nu-Derm Work?

The Obagi Nu-Derm System is just that. A system that gives you new skin. It is a series of creams used in the morning and evening with very active ingredients that will transform your skin.

Conditions such as hyperpigmentation, acne and acne scarring can be minimised with this treatment. This treatment does require time and dedication. If you are committed you can see a change in your skin in 3-4 months.

Do I need all the products? There are 1 or 2 optional extras such as eye cream and vitamin C serum but if yo don't use the entire regime the results you will achieve will not be as good as they could possibly be.

What does it cost? Book an appointment with Dr Kim as it is difficult to say whether Obagi will work for you without seeing your skin in person.

ZO Skin Health

What is it?
ZO Skin Health is a medicated skincare range that helps with ageing, pigmentation, acne and melasma.

Designed by Zein Obagi (ZO), this range has a reputation for amazing results. 

The range has a variety of creams from washes to serums to sunscreen.

These products are not offered online and are available only after medical consult.

Please contact the clinic for prices and availability.



Skin Tech is an award winning facial rejuvenation company, under the leadership of Dr Phillipe Deprez. This skin care brand is focused on chemical peels and provides skincare for those undergoing a series of peels or who use chemical peels regularly.

There are a variety of products to treat conditions such as melanoma, hyper pigmentation, acne, acne scarring, photo-ageing and uneven skin texture. If you are undertaking chemical peel treatment, then I will discuss the use of these products with you as they will help prepare you for your chemical peel and improve the results you can achieve that you would receive with chemical peels alone.


Patient Testimonial after using Skin Tech Products:

"I recently had a TCA peel and used the Cleanser, IPLASE Post treatment Skin Stress reduction mask, the Vitamin E Anti-oxydant and Melablock SPF 50+ which felt amazing on my skin. I now use the Melablock and Vit E cream even when I am not having peels done. Definitely recommend these!".  KRT.

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