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5 Reasons why every person needs midface fillers.

Midface fillers can help when the bone and fat tissue support in the middle of the face disappears with age. 

Midface fillers can help you look more rejuvenated and can help soften the angles that age the face.

Midface fillers available from Dr Kim Booysen in Bromley and Beckenham at Dr Kim Booysen Aesthetic Treatments

Why should I have midface dermal fillers? There are 5 reasons.

1. Midface fillers can help minimise the signs of ageing, such as nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines), marionette lines (mouth to chin lines), jowls (the areas that hand over the jawline) and of course, can minimise the signs of the tear trough.

These signs are often just symptoms of midface loss and treating the nasolabial folds, marionettes, tear trough or jowls with filler is only treating a symptom, but not addressing the actual cause of the problem. By re-inflating the midface, you can minimise the signs of facial ageing.

2. Treating the midface puts less pressure on the lower face, meaning you need less filler in the lower face and therefore less filler over time. 

3. When you treat the midface, you prevent tissues sagging in the future and saves you money in the long run. 

4. The midface is the centre of the face and is where most people first look. Having a filled midface will improve the general appearance of the face by adding volume, removing angles and shadows.

5. Midface fillers improve eye support, helping minimise eye bags and signs of tired eyes.

How long do midface dermal fillers take?

Midface fillers treatment duration will depend on the amount of filler being used. These treatments are usually performed with a cannula, causing minimal downtime and side effects.

Will these fillers eradicate the jowls?

These fillers will help ensure the lower face does not deteriorate further, but some disguising of the jowls may also be needed. Treating the jowls alone will not last as long as treating the jowls and the midface together.

Can I still have treatment to the nasolabial folds?

Yes, you can have midface treatment as well as nasolabial fold treatment, but studies have shown that better results are achieved by treating the midface and nasolabial folds with dermal fillers.

Where can I see some before and after pictures?

The clinic takes your privacy seriously and I dont believe that treatment photos should be freely available in the public domain as your photos can then be used by anyone without your permission. I have many before and after photos that my patients have consented to me showing you in the privacy of the clinic so that you can see what lovely results can be achieved. So please book in to discuss options with me.

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