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Jowl Treatments

What is a jowl? 

Jowls are the heaviness that forms around the the lower jaw as we age.

With time the fat pads supporting the tissue and the underlying bone thins, causing a descent in the tissues. The Jawline also changes shape, which allows for accumulation of tissue in the jowls. The displaced filler leans on the jawline causing the pockets to form either side of the chin.

What products are used?

Radiesse  or other Hyaluronic fillers can be used to contour this area. Both fillers help fill and disguise the jowl area. Radiesse has the added benefit of inducing collagen growth in the tissues. Radiesse also has a slightly longer duration but can't be dissolved like other fillers.

A cannula is often used to treat this area as it gives a smoother, less painful treatment and can contour easier. Bruising is also minimised with this technique.

Will I need repeat treatments?

Jowl contouring will last about one year after which maintenance is needed to counter the ongoing ageing process.

What does it cost?

Jaw and jowl contouring costs will depend on the severity of the jowling. Costs are from £400. If you need extensive support in this area further filler may be needed.


A treatment plan and costing will be provided at your consultation. Please book for a bespoke treatment plan and consultation.

Will it be painful?

Jowl Treatments are performed with a cannula or with a combination of a cannula and a needle.


The cannula results in less injections as the cannula is guided through the tissue plains causing less bruising and bleeding.


Some patients find the sensation of the cannula strange, but it is not painful.

Will I see results straight away?

Most results are visible immediately after treatment, but the treatment area does swell before settling down. Ice and antihistamines can help relieve the symptoms quicker. Radiesse takes up to 6 weeks to produce the additional collagen, so these results gradually improve over time.

Who can’t have treatment?

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are advised not to have treatment. Patients with poor wound healing such as those with autoimmune diseases, diabetes or abnormal scar formation are also advised against treatment. Any previous allergic reactions to lignocaine or fillers should also be investigated before treatment commences.

How can I prolong the filler?

Heat, free radicals, natural enzymes and muscle movement break down filler. So, to ensure your filler lasts as long as possible you should ensure you wear sunblock and a hat if you go into the sun. You should avoid pollution, smoking and UV rays which can create free radicals which super charge the enzymes that break down filler and your natural collagen. Areas of excess movement also break down filler quicker.


A note on Radiesse.

Radiesse is a stimulatory filler, so you will see swelling immediately then collagen is induced to be laid down in the treatment area. Radiesse does swell more than other fillers, especially around the jaw, chin and jowls. This takes a few days to 2 weeks to settle.


This can be normal and this is why the results should not be judged until several weeks after the treatment. Once the swelling settled it may seem as if the filler has disappeared but this is when the collagen synthesis begins and the results will really become apparent.

Also read the pages on Ultherapy which can really make a big difference with Jowls.


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