What do aesthetic treatments cost? Here is a Price List...

The practice of aesthetics is more an art form than a science, individual patients also have different needs so therefore one person's treatment may not suit another. Therefore a personalised treatment plan will be created for you after an in depth facial assessment and consultation. During this consultation your medical history, daily habits and requirements will be taken into consideration to design a customised treatment plan. 


If you would like a definitive price please contact the clinic and we can advise you further. The information below is simply to give to a rough idea of treatment areas, but Dr Booysen will assess your face as a whole and advise on a full face rejuvenation that will help you look and feel amazing for years to come.

What do dermal fillers cost?

What do dermal fillers in the midface cost?

Midface rejuvenation is the cornerstone of anti-ageing treatment and will create the ideal framework for further rejuvenation treatments. The aim of these treatments is not to inflate the cheeks but to redrape and revolumise tissue to mimic the shape and position of youth.

Costs depend on the degree of volume loss. The Merz Aesthetics Scale below will give you an indication of the degree of volume loss you may have. If you score a 1 then you will require less volume than if you score a 4 and you wish to improve to a score of a 1 or 2. Treatment starts from £550 but Dr Booysen will advise on treatment costs after an in-depth assessment and consultation.

Midface 1.png

What do Nasolabial Folds (Nose to mouth lines) dermal filler treatments cost?

Nasolabial folds can be treated in a variety of ways. The best way is to treat the cause, which is the loss of volume on the mouth bone and loss of volume in the in the supporting tissue of the cheek. A cheaper but less effective way is just to fill the line directly. Treatments start at £250 but deeper lines (4) will require more support and may double costs as more product is required. Dr Booysen will advise on treatment costs after an in-depth assessment and consultation.

What do Marionette Line (Mouth to Chin Lines) dermal fillers cost?

These lines can also be treated in a variety of ways. The best way, is as usual, to treat the cause. This requires treatment to areas above the lines, such as the midface. Lines can also be treated directly. Treatments start at £250 but deeper lines (4) requiring more comprehensive treatment will require more support and may cost double this as more product is required.

What does Jaw Line Contouring and Jowl Treatment with dermal fillers cost?

Treating the jowls effectively requires skill as trying to just fill the area may not give the best results. Sometimes a variety of techniques are required, depending on your level of jowling. Noticeable jowling treatment starts from £450. Additional treatment starting from £250 may be required. 

What do Lip Fillers for Lip Rejuvenation cost?

Lip fillers need not look fake or overdone. Deciding on lip filler treatments can be tricky and Dr Kim will be able to give you a better idea of what is required to meet your individual needs. A variety of volumes can be achieved but more volume will require more filler. Sometimes filler is built up over time to give a natural but fuller look. For more information on lip filler prices and amounts required please click HERE.

What does it cost to treat fine lip lines with filler?

These may appear whether you smoke or not, but can be ageing.They are very treatable. Treatments can involve either filler (if you have volume loss) or micro needling. Filler for superficial lines starts at £250 but deeper lines will require more volume and additional treatment will be needed.

Micro needling can also improve these lines and this starts from £250 for a full face.

What does hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers cost?

Hand rejuvenation is very unique. Some patients only need filler whilst others need to eliminate sun damage and fine lines. Most hands require a lot of treatment initially then only require maintenance treatments.

Radiesse Filler to volumes starts at £450 for 1.5mls but if volume loss is severe and veins need to be hidden then more filler will be needed and costs will start at £800.

Micro needling and chemical peels may also be needed to remove sun spots. These starts from £200 per treatment but enquire about packages as these can be more beneficial to you. Prophilo can assist if your main concern is laxity on the hands, costs start at £250 per treatment session.

How to determine how much hand dermal filler you need.

What do wrinkle treatments cost?

The clinic offers a variety of treatments for wrinkles. Treatments include a review in 2 weeks and any adjustments. Adjustments must be completed within 4 weeks of treatment.

Botox is a type of Botulinum toxin used to treat wrinkles and frown lines.    

Please contact the clinic for prices, as it is against medical prescribing regulations to advertise specific product names and the associated costs, although you may see this on other clinic webpages.

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What does microneedling  or collagen induction therapy cost?

Micro-needling treatment  to minimise scars or improve skin texture and reduce fine lines. Multiple sessions will be needed to achieve good results. 5-6 sessions are usually required. Enquire about a treatment package.

Face £250, Face and neck £275, Face, neck and décolletage £300. Other areas such as the back start at £250.

What do fat dissolving injections (Aqualyx) cost?

One area         £400              

Two areas        £800           

Three Areas     £1200

What do Chemical Peels cost?

Treatment to improve pigmentation, skin texture, fine lines, acne and skin appearance. To decide which peel you need for a specific condition please click here.

Obagi Blue Peel Radiance  £100  

Neostrata ProSystem Rejuvenating Peel (20% Glycolic) £70

Neostrata ProSystem Rejuvenating Peel (35% Glycolic) £80

Neostrata ProSystem Rejuvenating Peel (50% Glycolic) £100

Neostrata ProSystem Rejuvenating Peel (70% Glycolic) £120

Skin Tech Easy TCA Classic Peel (TCA 50%) £170

Skin Tech Easy TCA Pain Control  Peel  (TCA 50%) £180

What do skin care products cost?

A free skin consult is available to suggest skin care products to help you achieve healthier skin. Products from Obagi, ZO and NeoStrata are available. Individual product prices vary. Please contact the clinic for exact prices.


Ultrasound guided heat treatment to the face, to tighten and lift without surgery.

Prices from £250 for small areas. Dr Booysen will advise on treatment costs after an in-depth assessment and consultation.