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Used those high street creams for years but not getting the skin you want?

Medical grade skincare, such as ZO Skin Health available in Bromley and Beckenham, can finally give you the skin you've always wanted. These creams include active ingredients designed to improve your skin using science.

Book a consult today to get the best skincare and save yourself years of using the wrong products.

ZO Skin Health

Why Use Medicated skincare like ZO Skin Health

Medicated skincare is designed to optimise the skin’s health and ensure you have the best skin possible. When the skin is healthy and glowing, this can make you look years younger. Good skincare such as ZO Skin Health, targets specific issues such as pigment, sensitivity and oiliness.

Where does ZO Skin Health come from?

ZO Skin Health is designed by American dermatologist, Zein Obagi. He is the designer of the Obagi Nu Derm skin care range, but he sold that company and has since introduced ZO Skin Health.

ZO Skin Health uses the latest science to ensure optimal skin health. Healthy skin is beautiful skin and can help you look years younger. Health skin can also meant less injectable treatments may be needed.

The full ZO SKin Health range is avalable from Dr Kim Booysen in Beckenham and Bromley.

What type of ZO Skin Health products are available?

ZO Skin Health works on the premise that skin must be healthy, before trying to treat any concerns such as acne or pigmentation. Zo Skin Health calls this system, Getting Skin Ready (GSR). This GSR involves a cleanser, exfoliator and a toner. The addition of a skin stabiliser such as ZO Daily Power Defence, optimises skin health. Protecting the skin with sunscreen, which helps neutralise free radicals and protects collagen and elastin and ensure optimal skin health. Only once the skin is healthy, then we address the active issues such as acne and pigmentation.

What results can be expected?

Results can take a minimum of 6 weeks to become apparent. This is because the skin cell cycle is about 6 weeks and it takes that long for the new cells to come to the surface. Everyone is different so results and times differ from person to person. Speak to Dr Kim Booysen to see when results may be seen.

Will I be able to stop the creams once I have achieved my skincare goals?

Skincare involves maintenance and once you have achieved the results you want, you will need to maintain it. This will include using sunscreen every day, avoiding the sun and using certain products to keep the skin in the best condition. If you go back to your normal ways, then the skin can revert to its original state.

Which products must I use?

Dr Kim Booysen offers ZO Skin Health consultations in Bromley and Beckenham. She has a clinic on Beckenham High Street and carries the full range of ZO Skin Health. Dr Booysen is also a certified ZO Skin Health Expert.

Book in for a consultation to discuss with of the ZO Skin Health products would be best for you. Dr Kim also regularly blogs about ZO Skin Health so please read the blog. 

ZO Skin Health is available in Bromley and Beckenham

What products do I start with on ZO Skin Health?

Getting Skin Ready (GSR)

ZO Skin Health aims to normalise skin and ensure optimal health of the skin. To do this we need to ensure the skin is cleansed, exfoliated and toned correctly.

Why must I exfoliate?

We need to exfoliate 2-3 a week to ensure those dead skin cells that stay on the surface of the face are removed, otherwise they stop the creams penetrating to where they are needed, this will cause your results to be less obvious and take longer. Zo Skin Health has 2 types of exfoliators. The ZO Exfoliating Polish or the the ZO Dual Action Scrub. Contact Dr Booysen to see which product will suit you best.

Do I really need a toner?

A toner is needed to ensure the pH of your skin is corrected after washing. When washing the skin, the pH can become less acidic. We need this acid level to kill bacteria on the skin. So restoring this acid pH is very important for skin health. Toners also help exfoliate and remove any remaining dirt on the skin.

Zo Skin Health toners come a pre-moistened pads and are called ZO Oil Control or ZO Complexion Renewal Pads.

Getting Skin Ready with ZO Skinm Health avalable at Dr Kim Booysen in Beckenham
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