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How much for lip fillers...why you can't get a price without a consultation.

So many patients message me asking for a price on a treatment before I’ve even met them. The honest truth is, if you really want the right price, you need to have a consultation. I can't tell you what it will cost if I haven't even seen what you look like.

Most patients don’t know what treatments do what. So many times, I’ve had patients ring up asking for a certain result and asking for the wrong treatment. That’s one of the reasons you need to speak to someone who does these treatments, to know what you actually need. But I can’t tell you without seeing you! You really need to get proper guidance on what would work for you specifically before you ask for the price.

Your medical history also needs to be reviewed to make sure you don’t have any contraindications to treatment. I can’t offer you a treatment if I’m not sure you can have it. I also am legally bound to check your medical history for certain treatments, especially those that require prescription only medications.

I also need to get to know you, to see if we can work well together, because we will be on a journey together for years. Working together to minimise the signs of ageing and letting you look your best without looking overdone. If we care not on the same page and don't understand each other, then this can lead to disappointment with results.

Online consults cost £50 and are redeemable against treatment. Most treatments cost more than £50, so it’s a small price to get the right guidance for such an important decision. I spend about an hour on the first consultation and teach you about ageing, what different treatments do and what you face actually needs. So it’s really worth your time if you want to know about a price for treatment that will actually work for you. Every patient I have consulted tells me they learnt something new and that no one has ever told them all that stuff about ageing.

To book a consult email:


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