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Save money with this one product!

Did you know sunscreen can save your thousands of pounds in future anti-ageing treatments? Yes, sunscreen, it's that simple.

Do you think this is healthy? It looks nice but it will cost you money and time in the future!

A sun tan is a sign of sun damage and the skin's response to damage.

The sun produces UV rays that enter the skin and mess up our skin cells (which then get copied again and again). UV rays also kill collagen which leads to wrinkles. The skin also produces colour to protect the cells and reflect the UV rays - we end up with freckles and uneven skin pigment.

Fixing pigment costs a lot of money! It can be done but it will take years and money!

So how do you save time and money now?

Buy a decent sunscreen that protects you from the main types of UV rays! And start using it now!

These rays are UVA, UVB,HEV and IRV (or blue light from your computer).

And its that easy. Buy a decent quality screen, apply enough of the product every day you will save yourself thousands.

And yes that's everyday, even the overcast days, because UV rays penetrate through the clouds and HEV rays can come off screens. So everyday.

Not sure which sunscreens to choose - let me save you even more time...

Send me an email or text me and I can either email you some information or we can arrange to chat online to get the right sunscreen, that will save you time and money in the future!


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