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Can a chemical peel fix my wrinkles? How you can save money by having a consultation.

I get a lot of telephonic enquiries about treatments. The conversation usually starts with can I please book in for x. When I ask have you had this before. No. And what are you wanting to treat? The answer is usually something that won’t be resolved with the treatment the patient is looking to book in for. This is why a consultation is so important.

You can’t possibly be expected to know what treatment works best for your concern, that’s like expecting you to know what antibiotic works best for skin infections. Foe that you consult a doctor. The same applies to aesthetic medicine. There are also so many treatments out there and so many ways of treating facial ageing, that it can be a difficult to know what you need.

That is why I am here.

I try to really educate my patients about facial ageing and what treatments will work the best. Did you know that the bones of your face change as you age and that bone loss causes a lot of the drooping you see in the face? Muscle and fat also age and that’s why it’s so important to treat multiple facial layers and not just treat the muscle layer with wrinkle treatments. When I perform a consult we talk about these changes and where to focus for your particular issues.

I’ve also treated many people before and I know when something won’t work. I want you to be happy with your treatments as I rely on word of mouth. So, I’m not going to agree to give you a treatment that won’t get you the results you need. I will suggest something else if I think that will work better. My not a beautician who will agree to give you something just because you think it sounds good. The treatments I deliver need to be effective and give you good results.

Another reason why you need a consultation is because I need to actually see you to tell you if something is going to work or not. It doesn’t matter what I charge for fillers or wrinkle treatment if that treatment doesn’t suit you. So, asking how much for, really isn’t in your best interest.

Yes, I know you have probably had the treatment before, but you could be getting better results! Or you may need to add something to your treatment regime to prevent ageing signs or to improve your current appearance. All things we discuss before we even get started.

And you also need to know about side effects.

Fillers can and have caused blindness in the past. They can also block blood vessels and cause scarring if left blocked up. There are some other side effects as well. You need to know this before you have a treatment. I will talk you through these and explain how I can prevent or treat these if they happen. That for me is the real benefit of being treated by a doctor, because I know how to fix a problem when it happens.

I won’t just ignore you when a problem happens.

The General Medical Council watches my every move. If something goes wrong and I don’t help my patients then I can have my licence to practice medicine questioned. I can’t just close down my Instagram and block you on Facebook like other non-medical professionals. That reassurance that I can and will help you should be a further incentive to seek out medical professionals for your treatment.

I know it’s a pain to have a consultation if you ‘ve had treatment before.

But see it as an investment in your future self, a short course in aesthetic treatments that will help you make more educated decisions about your treatment journey and really help you get the best treatment for your money.

Dr Booysen has clinics in Bromley and Beckenham. She can be reached via email on

Treatments are for over 18’s only and require a consultation prior to treatment.


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