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3 causes for uneven pigmentation (skin colour) and what to do about…

Noticed some uneven pigmentation as you age. There can be several reasons for this and as a result several ways of minimising the appearance.

1. Sun exposure. The sun and sun damage is one of the biggest causes of uneven pigmentation. The older you live the more damage accumulates and the more pigment you see. Prevent damage by wearing good quality sunscreen EVERY day. ZO SkinHealth have sunscreens that protect against UVA, UVB, HEV and IRA and has a 12 hour slow release mechanism for extend protection. Dr Booysen stocks these in clinic – book an online consultation to see which product is best for your skin.

ZO covers most common harmful rays that can penetrate the skin and cause damage.

2. Hormones. Woman experience hormonal surges in pregnancy and menopause which can cause uneven pigment to form. This can fade after these times pass, but you can also use skin creams such as retinol to help even out the skin sooner. Dr Booysen can discuss which creams may be suitable for you if this is a concern of yours.

3. Picking spots. When we pick at spots we cause trauma to the skin and the skin can respond by producing pigment. This is known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Try to avoid picking whenever possible, only pick once if you really must and ensure you have clean skin and hands when doing this. If you do see pigment, don’t irritate the skin further by using harsh products to try and fix the problem. Consult a medical doctor to help you solve this problem, as several creams can help even out the pigment that has remained after the skin has healed.

Remember that when using skincare to help with pigment you need 6-8 weeks of continuous use before you see any changes. One week or two weeks will not get you results. Time and patience are needed.

You will also need to invest as good quality skincare is not cheap. Do your research and consult a medical doctor to help ensure you have the right treatment that is suited to your skin and won’t cause problems with your medical conditions or medication.

Dr Kim Booysen offers online consultations for ZO SkinHealth and stocks all ZO SkinHealth products. She has achieved ZO Expert status with regular training and education. Book a consult today to see what good skincare can do for your skin. Email:

Dr Kim Booysen is a qualified doctor who offers medical aesthetic treatments in Bromley and Beckenham in London.

Dr Booysen is experiencing the ageing process herself, so she understands the need to look your best as time goes by.She offers holistic treatments that make you look good for your age without looking done.


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