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Ban the for aesthetic treatments.

Arghh... a bruise! Believe it or not, aesthetic injectors like myself, hate them more than you do! We try our very best to ensure they don’t happen but every now and then they do happen.

My job:

1. I learn as much anatomy as I can, so that I know where the big vessels are and try avoid those as best I can.

2. I use the smallest needles, use a cannula when I can to avoid blood vessels and take my time when I inject.

3. I stop and press on any bleeding, before moving on to the next injection point.

4. I check your medical history and warn you if you have a condition that may cause bruising, I also warn you about high risk areas for bruising, like the jowls and lips.

5. I’ll warn you if I see something that could be a bruise so that you can treat it at home. (If it’s really bad I’ll give you some camoflage make up to take home).

Your job:

Before you arrive for our appointment:

1. Avoid medications that can cause bruising like ibuprofen, naproxen or diclofenac.

2. Watch the vitamins – fish oils (omega 3), high dose vitamin E, St John’s Wort, gingko biloba and garlic can increase bruising.

3. Avoid alcohol 24 hours before your appointment.


1. Ice, ice baby. If you are told to apply ice, please do this. Even if it’s in your care for 10 minutes after the appointment.

2. Avoid exercise for 24 hours after your treatment as increased blood flow, from a pumping heart, will push blood through the vessels and can cause more bleeding at the treatment areas.

3. Avoid alcohol immediately after a treatment, also stay away from saunas and steam rooms as they can increase blood flow to the face.

4. Arnica may be of help to prevent and speed resolution of bruises.

5. Tell me about the bruise, so that I can take steps to prevent it happening in the future.

I know you don’t like bruises, me neither. Let’s work together to see as few of these as possible.

To book a consultation email:

Dr Kim Booysen is a qualified doctor who offers medical aesthetic treatments in Bromley and Beckenham in London.

Dr Booysen is experiencing the ageing process herself, so she understands the need to look your best as time goes by.She offers holistic treatments that make you look good for your age without looking done.

Book a consultation to find out what treatments you really need to look your best.

Email to book a consultation.


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