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Lockdown? Time to Peel with ZO Radical Night Repair.

Radical Night Repair 1% at home peel is here for you in lockdown!

Radical Night Repair, is a potent retinol cream, that is used to target skin concerns in both the dermis and epidermis. That means that it works in both the layers of the skin, giving you better results over time.

The cream results in quicker shedding of skin cells, so that new cells surface speedily and pigment is shed faster. Skin also becomes thicker and healthier as more collagen and elastin is produced.

The high potency retinol also acts as an antioxidant and can minimise any inflammatory changes, which can lead to sunspots and uneven pigment.

Redness and flaking?

High potency retinol can cause redness and flaking on the skin, if the skin is not used to retinol. The reaction is a sign the cream is working but can take 4-6 weeks to settle down. This may cause some people to shy away from strong retinols as they don’t want to have these side effects and can’t tolerate down time in their normal lives.

Using Retinol during a lockdown?

With the second lockdown in place, this is a great time to trial a new higher strength retinol. You may choose to now incorporate Radical Night Repair in your routine. If you have never used retinol then starting with a lower dose such as a 0.5% Retinol, is a good way to get the skin used to these creams without excessive side effects.

If your skin is used to high strength retinol creams, then you may also choose to use the Radical Night Repair as a peel.

Radical Night Repair Peel – How to do it.

If you want to have a deep chemical peel and can afford to have some days of redness and flaking, then the Radical Night Repair Peel may be for you.

The peel should be used by those already on a ZO Skin Health treatment plan, this would mean that the skin is at its optimum health and you will get an effective peel.

If you are already on retinol then you shouldn’t have an excessive reaction to this peel, but I wouldn’t advise those not used to retinol to do this peel at home, as the reaction can be more extreme.

The peel involves applying high doses of Radical Night Repair each morning and evening over a 3- or 5-day period. A 3-day programme of 5 pumps twice a day will give you a fairly good reaction and is recommended as a starting point. You may then progress on to a 5-day programme with 12 pumps twice daily will give you a much more severe reaction. You may choose to have a medium peel with 8 pumps instead. Please speak to me to ascertain which peel would suit you best.

Once you have completed one peel then you will be able to use Radical Night Repair 1% more easily in your daily routine. You can repeat the peel whenever you can afford a little redness or downtime.

There are some other contraindications to treatment, which I will need to discuss with you if you are considering this peel. Please contact me for a consultation prior to using this cream.

ZO Skin Health is not available without a consultation and is only available from recognised and fully trained medical clinics.

Dr Kim Booysen has clinics in Bromley and Beckenham and can be contacted on 075 5319 2744 or


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