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3 times a £100 cream is definitely not worth the money!

1. If you think it’s the only thing you need…

There are brilliant anti-ageing creams available, but for them to work, they need back up –this means they work best with a similarly formulated cleanser, toner and polish, preferably in the same range.S Similar formulations allows layering of creams and optimal absorption of all the products.

It also means you do need to use a cleanser, toner and a polish. Unfortunately, there is no wonder cream that does everything like a 3 in 1. You need to have a few items to get the best results. Prepare to spend £250-£300 on quality, medical grade skincare every 2 months for the best results.

2. If you use too little to try make it last longer…

It costs a bit, but using too little of the good stuff can be a problem. When you buy a cream, ask how long it should last and try stick to this. There is no point having a great cream but using too little of it to see an effect. 1-2 months is average time for any 50ml cream.

You also need to give the cream time to work. Skin doesn't change overnight. A full skin layer takes 6-8 weeks to move from new skin cells to flaked off dead cells. And it takes 2-3 cell cycles to see a result from a new cream. 12 weeks is a good time to see if it works, less than that and you won’t see any results.

3. If you think it will make you look 20 again…

In the end it is just a cream. If you want to look great for your age, you’ll need a little more than creams, although they are a great start and can help you look years younger than you actually are.

You will still need to invest in your collagen. Preserving what you have and building more is essential. This can be done with creams, microneedling or Ultherapy. You also need to replace some strategic facial volume with fillers. If you stick with a medical professional who understands what your face needs at different ages then you will always look your best.

But don't try and get everything from one £100 bottle because then you will be disappointed.

Dr Kim Booysen is a qualified doctor who offers medical aesthetic treatments in Bromley and Beckenham in London.

Dr Booysen is experiencing the ageing process herself, so she understands the need to look your best as time goes by.

She offers holistic treatments that make you look good for your age without looking done.

Book a consultation to find out what treatments you really need to look your best.

Email to book a consultation.


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