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Why £50 fillers are a bad idea that will cost you more than just £50!

So £50 may sound like an absolute bargain but here is why it’s not a good idea!

You'll be in there for 15 minutes, they won't ask you any questions and if there is a problem suddenly you can't reach anyone! Unfortunately you get what you pay for!

Here are a few things that people do to be able to sell lip filler at such a rock bottom price. Think carefully if this is what or how you want filler injected into your body...

  • Beginners charge cheaper prices. How else will they get people to practice on? If you want to have someone practice unsupervised on your biggest asset (your face!) then don’t be surprised by the lack of results

I have been practising for many years and perform treatments daily. It’s not a hobby for me and not something “I do on the side for extra money.” I also teach fillers to other medics on a national level! But most of all I get good results! If you aren’t happy I try and fix the issues immediately. See the reviews that prove this.

  • Cheap filler appointments are rushed, usually 15 mins, because they need to see a 100 people to make the offer worthwhile!

I take time (1 hour to start) to properly consult you on all treatments, I'm not trying to rush you to fit as many people in as possible. I get to know you and what you need so that you can achieve what you are hoping for and have a quality treatment.

  • Cheaper fillers can be bought from un-verified sellers so the filler may have be been stored incorrectly and may not last as long as you were advised. You will have to put more fillers in at more cost, sooner than expected, doubling the cost.​

I only use FDA approved fillers bought from approved suppliers! I store them in a temperature controlled room and can track where the fillers came from.

  • Cheap filler may mean there is sharing of syringes. This can lead to massive infection and scarring of your face. If your injector isn’t a medic they won’t know how to help, will likely not answer your calls and you will end up footing the bill for a costly treatment to repair the damage and you may end up with horrible scarring that can't be covered or fixed.

You are in safe hands. I never share filler and am on hand 24 hours a day for emergencies if they arise.

  • When prices are this cheap, they usually don’t have the safety equipment needed in emergencies as safety equipment is expensive! They also don't have the training to recognise and treat emergencies that can scar or blind you. It's when everything hits the fan that you'll wish you paid a little bit extra for a real, experienced medic who can help you in a jam!

I’m a doctor and was an emergency doctor for almost 20 years. I can handle an emergency! I am also trained in treating filler emergencies and have the products you need for treatment in the clinic everyday so you get them ASAP!

  • Cheaper fillers are not FDA approved (an American approval system but known as one of the strictest in the world). FDA approval usually denotes high quality, safe products. Many cheaper products from Asia do not have this rigourous stamp of approval. It will be in your face for 6 months...rather know its been tested and is safe.

I only use FDA approved fillers that have science I understand, have researched and can explain to you in case you want to know. I want the best for you and choose the best products to get the safest and best results.

Think carefully about your choices because sometimes cheaper is not always better!

If you are interested in a quality consultation with a safe and reliable treatment then call 075 53192744 or email:

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