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If you've ever heard about or seen a dermaroller you may think its the scariest thing you have ever seen. Its basically a roller with hundreds of little needles attached to it. This gets rolled onto your skin all in the name of beauty! But don't worry, its not as scary as it sounds!

Firstly dermaroller is a micro needling technique that causes small puncture wounds in the skin which stimulates the release of growth factors that induce fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin, which are the elements that give skin elasticity. These elements are what you want more of if you are ageing or are concerned about the appearance of your skin. The collagen is produced as the skin naturally heals these small puncture wounds. The treatment is performed together with a serum. This serum gets better penetration as it enters the skin through the small puncture wounds made by the dermaroller, allowing it to reach the layers of the skin responsible for producing more collagen and elastin. Different serums can be used depending on the needs of your skin.

The procedure can be performed on most skin types and can help with anti-ageing, acne scars, rosacea, fine lines, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation. Some conditions such as pregnancy, skin allergies, localised infections, roaccutane use, cold sores, psoriasis and raised moles could make you unsuitable and therefore a trained practitioner is the best person to determine whether you are suitable for this treatment. Side effects of the roller include bleeding, pain, overuse and hyperpigmentation if inadequate sun protection is used after treatment.

Some results achieved by other practitioners.

Treatments are done using a numbing cream which is put on the skin before the treatment to minimise discomfort. The dermaroller is then applied to the skin. Some videos on YouTube show point bleeding and track marks as being the hallmarks of a good treatment, but this is wrong as the dermaroller has been used to roughly and the skin has been over treated. Only occasional bleeding should occur with minimal track marks. Dermaroller is meant to be a non invasive treatment with minimal downtime and does not require a week to heal, which is what will occur with track marks and severe bleeding. Dermaroller does not remove a layer of epidermis, like chemical peels, so the skin should settle in about 30 mins to one hour after which SPF should be used. Mineral make up is always advised after such a procedure. Dermaroller can be repeated every 6-8 weeks, a course of 3 treatments usually gives you a good result.

Results with multiple sessions of dermaroller.

Home dermarollers are available, but I would recommend your first few sessions are done by a trained professional as they can tell you whether your skin condition is suitable, they can select the correct depth of roller, the correct serum and they have access to the numbing cream! Trained professionals can also advise you on the correct aftercare and can treat any complications that may occur. Buying dermarollers online can also be dangerous as some cheaper rollers can damage the skin, cause allergic reactions and result in scarring!

My clinic offers these treatments and I'm happy to discuss a course of treatment with you after a free consultation. I am also happy to discuss home treatment options once an initial course of treatment has been completed. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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