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How to minimise pores with ZO Skinhealth Products

Worried about large pores and blackheads and not sure what products will work? Tried a lot of things but not seeing results? In this post Dr Kim explains which ZO SkinHealth products can help.

Pores or blackheads become unsightly when dirt close them and old skin cells aren't removed, This makes them appear bigger. Removing dirt and shedding excess skin cells is the best way to minimise the appearance of black heads and large pores. Having healthy skin is another great way!

So which ZO SkinHealth products should you use if you have large pores? Lets take a look and what you should do...

Cleanse Daily

ZO has 3 different cleanser to choose from depending on how much oil you make. Oil can accumulate on the skin and trap dirt making pores look bigger. Removing makeup and dirt from the day, including oils makes pores look smaller. ZO Exfoliating Cleanser, ZO Hydrating Cleanser or ZO Gentle Cleanser are available for daily cleansing. Oilier skins will benefit from ZO Exfoliating Cleanser.

 ZO SKinhealth available in Beckenham and Bromley at Dr Kim Booysen Aesthetic Treatments
ZO SkinHealth Cleansers

Tone after cleansing

ZO Complexion Renewal Pads and ZO Oil Control Pads tone the skin. Toners help return the skin to an acidic level to combat bacteria. Cleansers can make the skin less acidic and this prevents the bacteria being killed by the acid on the skin. So tone to get that acid level correct. Toners also remove residual oil and dirt that can make pores look bigger.

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliating removes excess dead skin cells and allows pores to look smaller and more refined. The ZO range has 2 types of exfoliators, the ZO Exfoliating Polish, that is suitable for all skin types and the ZO Dual Action Scrub, which is for oilier skins. Both products can be used 2-3 x a week (but can be used daily). Once you have shed the excess cells, then the clean, healthy cells come to the surface and help pores look smaller.

Use a Pore Refiner

ZO Instant Pore Refiner is used on a daily basis and help shrink the appearance of pores by actively encouraging dead skin exfoliation, removing oil and dirt. This is a great product for those target areas of the mouth and nose and is applied before your hydrator.

reduce large pores with Zo skinhealth bromley
ZO Daily Power Defence

Use a Skin Stabiliser

Traditional moisturisers may cause your skin to lose excess water and become drier over time, causing the skin to destabilise and pores to look bigger.

ZO Daily Power Defence, which contains retinol, helps stabilise the skin, increasing cell turnover and replacing moisture. This product can be used by all skin types and won't irritate skins with rosacea or acne.

This is a must for developing health skin to combat those large pores and blackheads from forming.

Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen such as ZO Daily Sheer or ZO Sunscreen and Primer helps persevere collagen and elastin from destruction by free radicals created by the sun's rays. The less collagen in the skin, the looser the pores and the bigger they appear. So it helps to wear your sunscreen to keep those pores tight and small.

Chemical Peels

ZO chemical peels can help improve skin texture and the appearance of pores by removing oils and unclogging pores. However, without ongoing skincare, a single or even a course of peels won't keep those pores at bay. You will need to be vigilant and treat the pores regulary with the correct products to see a marked difference.

reduce blackheads with zo skin health at Dr Kim Booysen Aesthetic Treatments
The ZO SkinHealth Range

Dr Kim Booysen, is a certified ZO Expert and offers consultations for ZO SkinHealth in Beckenham, Bromley and virtually. She will devise a unique skincare regime suited to you, to get the results you are looking for. Book today for a consultation, email

All ZO Products are available fro purchase from Dr Kim Booysen Aesthetic Treatments after a consultation as all patients are unique and require a tailored approach. Not all patient results are the same and some results can take longer to show than others.


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