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3 times when you absolutely should NOT have lip fillers.

At one time or another you may have thought about getting your lips done. But, you may have seen some very big lips that made you shudder? Yes, I’ve seen it too.

Seeing these lips puts you off having yours done, even though you really could use a little definition and just a tiny touch of volume.

So how do you know when to go for it or to keep looking?

If you encounter these situations just walk away…

1. The injector looks weird.

If the person injecting you has big lips, huge cheeks or looks weird, then this is what they perceive is nice and natural. Run. It’s a bit like the saying, careful who you hang around with, because you become who they are.

2. The website only has pictures of big lips on it.

If all you see on their website is lips, they probably don’t do enough of the other facial treatments. Having your lips done is also one of the last treatments I advise my patients to have. This is because the face must be balanced. Giving someone big, overfilled lips when they are 40 - creates an imbalance. It makes you look odd and people notice. Rather have a consultation for a holistic treatment with someone who understands how the face ages and what a balanced treatment is, before jumping to having your lips done.

3. There is a Groupon deal.

Yes, we are all suckers for a discount. But using minimal amounts of high-quality filler gets a better result than truckloads of cheap filler. Less is more here. The only thing you want lots of is their injecting time. Nice lips take time (about 30-40 minutes) and can’t be ‘banged out’ in 10 minutes. Groupon works on low cost but high numbers, which means speedy injecting. Don’t risk it. Low-cost fillers can also be an injector’s way of getting experience. Guinea pig anyone?

There is a reason Dior doesn’t sell at Poundland. Do your research, find a normal looking, qualified injector who uses quality filler and takes their time when injecting. Ask them about what your face needs, they are the experts. Expect to pay £200-£350 for a nice set of lips and don’t feel pressured into a look you will only regret.

*All filler treatments should include a medical consultation as there are contraindications to treatment. You should also understand that these treatments carry risks and these should be fully explained to you prior to a treatment. Each person is different so results cannot be duplicated on demand.*

Dr Kim Booysen is a qualified doctor who offers medical aesthetic treatments in Bromley and Beckenham in London.

Dr Booysen is experiencing the ageing process herself, so she understands the need to look your best as time goes by.

She offers holistic treatments that make you look good for your age without looking done.

Book a consultation to find out what treatments you really need to look your best.

Email to book a consultation.


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