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Seeing the signs of ageing, but afraid of having aesthetic injectable treatment? Botox.

Want to know what treatments to have and when to have them, so that you look your best without looking overdone?

Why not book a consultation at Dr Kim Booysen Aesthetic Treatments in Beckenham.

Dr Kim Booysen is a qualified medical doctor offering aesthetic treatments including lip fillers, botox, chemical peels and fillers in Bromley, Beckenham, Chislehurst, Petts Wood and Orpington.

Dr Kim Booysen


Dip Obs, MSc IHM, MBA, Post Graduate Cert in Aesthetic  Injectables

Dr Kim Booysen is a qualified medical doctor offering aesthetic treatments including lip fillers, botox, chemical peels and fillers in Bromley, Beckenham, Chislehurst, Petts Wood and Orpington

Get your fillers done with ultrasound

Dr Kim Booysen is one of only a few doctors who use ultrasound in her clinic. She uses the ultrasound to see underneath your skin and visualise the tissues that need lifting. She can also map out your blood vessels to help avoid these during treatments. Ultrasound can also help keep track of your fillers and help you decide if it's time to have more, as filler can be seen in the tissues. So if you are worried about fillers and would like the extra assurance of ultrasound during your treatments, book with Dr Booysen. Here is a link to an article she wrote in the Aesthetic Journal about ultrasound.


Get a comprehensive treatment plan

Dr Kim Booysen has a different approach to aesthetic medicine. She focuses on facial age management. Together you will walk a journey towards a more refreshed and natural look. Dr Kim will assess your medical history, aesthetic history and explore what you want from treatment. She will educate you about the layers of the face and explain how each layer ages. She then shows you how to treat these layers together, over the years, giving you a timeline of treatments, to hold back the signs of ageing. 

Don't have unnecessary treatments

She will let you know when to have what treatments and will even discourage you from treatments she doesn't feel will help you look and feel your best. She won't just offer you big lips and cheeks that won't suit you and will make you look overdone. 

If you are looking for a real ageing solution and want someone you can trust to take care of you, as the years pass, then contact Dr Kim Booysen today to start your journey.

Get to know Dr Booysen in this Aesthetic Journal Article. Click here.



Natural looking results

Dr Kim is known for natural looking results and perfectionism.  Dr Kim offers a discreet, professional experience and uses the safest products and injectable treatment techniques.


Dr Kim performs an in depth medical consultation and assessment during which your concerns are identified. She then discusses all the available treatment such as micro needling, collagen induction therapy, skincare, volume restoration and fine line and wrinkle treatments. Dr Kim offers both medical and cosmetic treatments.


Dr Kim is also a brand ambassador, international trainer and key opinion leader for Merz Aesthetics. She teaches practitioners how to inject fillers and perform other aesthetic treatments, this allows her to offer you the latest, most scientific treatments available. Read more about Dr Booysen here.

Wide variety of treatments

She believes in preventing signs of ageing and can advise on treatments to prevent skin ageing. Her in depth consultation allows her to plan a strategic treatment plan using a variety of treatments.  She also performs superficial to deep chemical peels, wrinkle treatmentsfacial volumisation, medical microneeedling, Profhilo, Aqualyx body contouring and advises on effective skincare not available on the high street. Dr Kim also offers a rare service, Ultherapy, in her clinic.


All initial consultations are now done online via Go To Meeting. These consultations involving looking at before and after photos of treatment and looking at images of how the facial layers change. This can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home as you learn about skin ageing and the best way to look your best over time.


Consultations include a review of your medical and aesthetic history, a discussion on the ageing process and how the various layers of the face age and how to treat these areas. Your photos will be assessed and a treatment plan devised. You will also be shown before and after photos to get an idea of the expected results.

Your medical information is collected via a docusign document that can be filled in online and does not require a printer or scanner. Consultations cost £50 and last an hour. You will also have a follow up for 20 mins.

Once you have completed the form and the consultation fee paid, you will be given a link to an appointment. Please complete all steps to secure your consultation.

Once you have received your treatment plan and had a discussion about what treatments to start with, you will attend your first clinic appointment which will include clinical photography, an ultrasound assessment and a skin exam. Once these are complete your treatments can begin. Email today to book your consultation.

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