Thank you for your interest in Wrinkle Treatments at Dr Kim Booysen Aesthetic Treatments.


Why have treatments?

Wrinkle treatments, are designed to soften the fine lines and wrinkles, that appear on the face as a result of facial expressions. When you make a facial expression, the muscle, which is attached to the skin, pulls the skin into a fold. Over time these folds can become ingrained and scar the skin in specific lines of expression. Early treatment of these lines, prevent these lines becoming permanent. Ingrained lines can be difficult to remove, even when the muscle no longer pulls on the skin, so that is why early treatment is seen as preventative.


How does it work?

The way the treatments works, is that the medicine interrupts the signal that goes from the brain, along the nerves, to the muscle and tells it to contract. The medicine is injected into the muscles that allow expression and interrupts that signal, so less expression is made. The treatment takes 3-5 days to start working, is best at 2-3 weeks and lasts on average 3-4 months. 


How long does it work?

The treatment lasts for 3-4 months, but you may start to seen flickers of movement from 8 weeks on as the muscle comes back to life, this is normal and part of the treatment process. Some people only get 6 weeks of full treatment – this can be due to their metabolism, exercise frequency, ability to heal, thyroid activity or family history. More movement happens the closer you get to the 4 month mark. Infrequent or new patients may take some time before their treatments last for a full 4 months.


Are these treatments on special?

These medicines are prescription only medication, they therefore need to be prescribed before every treatment, just like other medications like antibiotics or blood pressure medicine. These medicines cannot be advertised and can’t be offered on special, according to the laws in the UK. You may see other clinics having specials, but unfortunately this is against the law, and I can’t offer you specials on these treatments.


Will my face be frozen?

The aim of these treatments is not to freeze the face but to minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face to minimise skin scarring. A frozen appearance is unnatural and can be a give-away that you are having treatments. Over-treating muscles can also lead to heaviness and drooping which can last for up to 3 months. If you are looking for a “frozen” face then I am not the practitioner for you and this is not something I aim to achieve for my patients as this can lead to medication resistance and unrealistic expectations.


What is a “top-up”?

This is a misleading term used by some practitioners. I offer a 2 week review appointment, when I will make small adjustments if there are areas that the treatment hasn’t taken. After you have been seen for a review, I don’t add any further medicine. This is because re-introducing the medicine into the body at too short an interval can trigger you to become immune to the medicine and it may then never work for you again. So sometimes a little movement, must be accepted when weighed against possible resistance. Once I know the dose that works for you, you won’t require review appointments in the future.


What medicine is used?

There are many types of wrinkle treatment medicine on the market. These include Botox, Bocouture and Azzalure. Bocouture is the one used in my clinic. This medicine works just the same as all the other types and lasts just as long. 


Bocouture has the added benefit of having less proteins in the mixture. These proteins can cause you to become immune to the medicine and this means the medicine won’t work on you anymore. Bocouture, has the least chance of you developing this resistance, and I feel this is the best product to use, so that you can use this medicine for many years to come. The medicine is also used for headaches, overactive bladder, excessive sweating, excessive saliva production and stroke contractures. You may not be able to use this medicine for these conditions if you become resistant to it.


What can I do if I’m resistant to these treatments?

I have treated patients who have come to see me because they have heard I use Bocouture and I also lecture on Botox resistance. Unfortunately, once the medicine stops working on you this can be permanent. This is because the body develops neutralising anti-bodies against all parts of the medicine’s formula. If you have developed these antibodies, your body will still recognise the medicine, even if we use Bocouture, which has the extra proteins stripped away. So, the best advice, is to use Bocouture from the start, as this has less proteins and has been shown to produce less resistant potential in clinical studies, don’t have too many adjustment treatments and use the minimal amount necessary, which may mean you accept some movement.


Things that can go wrong?

The biggest issues are allergic reactions and infection. Allergic reactions are very rare and I have all the equipment in clinic to deal with any reactions. Infections occur if bacteria get into the holes, that is why I ask you to avoid make-up and touching the treatment area for a day. On very rare occasions, heaviness and one sided drooping can occur over an eyebrow or an eyelid. This is not permanent and improves over time. To prevent this happening, I will treat lightly on your first treatment, so I can see what dose you require.


What is “bad Botox”?

Not all treatments are created equal. The first questions you should ask a potential injector are: Are they a medical doctor? How long have they been injecting? How often do they inject? What medicine do they use? Do they use sterile packs? And what is their aftercare policy? 


Too often I get enquiries about the price only. Unfortunately, you do get what you pay for, and if someone doesn’t understand facial anatomy they can’t inject well. If they don’t know the science of the medicine they use, they can’t protect you from things like resistance. If they are a part-time injector, they are not a specialist. If they are advertising specials, they are breaking the law and could easily be ignoring other rules like cleanliness and not sharing single-use equipment between multiple patients.


How does skincare make wrinkle treatments better?

Muscles pull on the skin allowing the skin to fold into expression lines. The less collagen and elastin support you have, the more movement in the skin. Sunscreen and retinol can help prevent collagen loss and actively encourage collagen production. Using these creams can therefore improve the appearance of the skin and therefore also the results of your injectable treatments. The more collagen you preserve the younger you look! Speak to Dr Kim if you want to take your skincare up a notch.


What if I stop treatments, will I age quicker?

When you have wrinkle treatments, the skin is not pulled into the facial expression for the duration of treatment. This means the skin gets a rest and can heal the scarred facial expression line. If you choose to stop having treatments, the skin will start to move again and the scarring process will restart. You won’t be worse off and will just age normally again.


What does it cost?

The cost of treatment includes the initial consultation, the treatment itself, the review and adjustment if needed. Please note the aim is to not have continual reviews and adjustments as this can lead to resistance. I am of course always available for any emergencies and advice.


1 area is £185

2 areas are £225

3 areas are £270


Additional areas such as chins and bunny lines can be added for a further £40 each.


Please let me know if you have any further questions or want to know more.


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