• Dr Kim Booysen

Where are the "Botox" Christmas Deals?

I’ve had a few queries about any specials and deals available in the clinic during the run up to the festive season. This is always a difficult one, as everyone loves a little saving at this time of year. But aesthetic treatments, are medical treatments and there are several rules that govern the advertising and provision of these treatments. As “Botox” type treatments are performed using a prescription only medicine, this means that all the rules that apply to prescription medicines, apply to these treatments as well. You never see an advert for a sale on antibiotics from your GP for example, or a special for blood pressure medication for one week only, because of these rules.

The rules state that treatments with prescription medication cannot be advertised, nor can they be discounted or offered at lower prices for a time limited period, as this would induce patients to have a treatment, perhaps before they are ready or without the proper reflection and consideration time - because they don’t want to miss a special. Similarly, “Botox sales” or websites advertising “Botox” are against the code of practice of the General Medical Council (GMC), which regulates doctors in the U.K. and the Advertising Standards Association (ASA) which regulates advertising in the U.K. This is also why you see these treatments referred to as wrinkle relaxing treatments and you don’t see the prices on my website. You may tell me you have seen lots of this type of advertising, and I agree, many clinics ignore the rules, either deliberately or through lack of knowledge of the correct procedure. My clinic ethos is to provide an ethical and law-abiding service. I never want to force or induce a patient to a treatment they haven’t had enough time to think about, or are physically or emotionally not prepared for because they want to take advantage of a special. Your health and well-being, is my main priority and that is why I don’t have events that could lead to you having treatment before you are ready. Dermal fillers are not classified as prescription only medication, but as medical devices. This means they can be advertised, but Dermal fillers treatments are still medical treatments and the GMC would frown on me offering these on special as this could also be seen as inducing patients to have treatment. Offering fillers as prizes, is also illegal!

You may have seen fillers on Groupon or deals for £99 lip fillers for example. Offering cheap treatments is not illegal. But the questions you need to ask here is, why are these treatments so cheap? Is the injector inexperienced and looking for people to practice on for a cheaper price? Do you want someone to practice on you?

You must also think what fillers are being used? Is it a high-quality FDA approved filler, with lots of good research and science behind it? Or is it a cheaper filler, with no research or international approvals? Are you getting the left-over filler, from someone else’s treatment? Will you get a quality treatment on your face or will you get the £5 special than takes 5 mins to administer? As always you get what you pay for. I always tell my patients you wear your face every day and you should invest wisely on your greatest asset. You deserve quality products and service, with great aftercare. This is what I aim to provide in the clinic, when you are ready and prepared for treatment. Don’t be rushed into treatments you may later regret, because of a special. Rather have a consultation with a properly trained medical professional and book a treatment when you are ready and don’t be fooled by ‘too good to be true’ specials.

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