What is it?

Microsclerotherapy is an injection of a small amount of sclerosing material into the fine leg veins, causing the destruction of the vein wall. The body then clear away the vein wall fragments.


What product is used?

The sclerosants come in various strengths and are injected in small amounts to achieve the desired effects. In the clinic 0.5% is used in most treatments.


What can be treated?

Legs veins come in various sizes and not all can be treated with microsclerotherapy.


Veins that are <1mm in diameter, (telangiectasia), larger vessels, of 2-8mm (reticular veins) and veins in between these two sizes (mixed telangiectasia) can be treated with microsclerotherapy.


The larger vessels that look like bulging worms are known as varicose veins and cannot be treated with microsclerotherapy, but should be assessed by a vascular surgeon. Once these larger veins have been treated, then the smaller ones can be treated with microsclerotherapy.













1) Telangiectasia 2)  Reticular  Vein 3) Varicose Veins


What causes these veins to form?

Mulitple factors cause these types of veins such as genetics, age, pregnancy and hormonal changes. Prolonged standing will also influence vein formation. Good news is that crossing your legs will not cause more veins to form!

Will it be painful?

The procedure is not painful with only the occasional twinge.

Will I need repeat treatments?

Some vessels have a strong ability to regenerate despite appropriate technique and treatments and therefore repeat sessions may be needed. Usually three sessions will give good results but maintenance therapy will be needed over time. The wearing of compression stockings are maximises results and should be worn after each session for a minimum of 3 days if tolerable. Sessions are usually 4 weeks apart. 3 sessions are recommended initially.


What does it cost?

Dr Kim will be able to give you a better idea of treatment costs once you have a consultation.


What are the risks and side effects?

Some patients experience itching, redness, swelling, dark pigmentation and bruising.


The compression stockings will help minimise any of these side effects.


Some more serious side effects, which are unlikely to occur are superficial thrombophlebitis, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and haemorrhages.

Who can’t be treated?

Some people can't have microsclerotherapy, these include pregnant and breast feeding mums, current untreated varicose veins, previous DVTs, hypercoagulable conditions, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, cancer and allergies to sclerosant. During your free consultation, I will check your medical history before treatment and check whether you are suitable for the treatment.


What should I do after treatment?

You will be given an advice leaflet after treatment, but mild exercise, leaving the compression dressings/stockings in place for up to 7 days, avoiding the sun for 6 weeks and avoid air travel 4 weeks after treatment.


If you are concerned about any conditions or side effects please call the clinic and we will be happy to discuss them.


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