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Jaw & Jowl Contouring

What is a jowl? 

Jowls are the heaviness that forms around the the lower jaw as we age.

What is a does treatment involve? 

Jaw contouring and jowl treatment can improve the appearance of the jaw line and minimise the appearance of the jowls.

What products are used?

Radiesse  or other Hyaluronic fillers can be used to contour this area.

A cannula is often used to treat this area as it gives a smoother, more painless contouring procedure.

Will I need repeat treatments?

Jaw and Jowl contouring will last about one year.

What does it cost?

Jaw and jowl contouring costs will depend on the severity of the jowling. Costs are from £400. If you need extensive support in this area further filler may be needed.


A treatment plan and costing will be provided at your consultation. Please book for a bespoke treatment plan and consultation.

Will it be painful?

Jaw and Jowl Treatments are performed with a cannula or with a combination of a cannula and a needle.


The cannula results in less injections as the cannula is guided through the tissue plains causing less bruising and bleeding.


Some patients find the sensation of the cannula strange, but it is not painful.

A note on Radiesse.

Radiesse is a stimulatory filler, so you will see swelling immediately then collagen is induced to be laid down in the treatment area.


Radiesse does swell more than other fillers, especially around the jaw, chin and jowls. 


This takes a few days to 2 weeks to settle.


This can be normal and this is why the results should not be judged until several weeks after the treatment.


Once the swelling settled it may seem as if the filler has disappeared but this is when the collagen synthesis begins and the results will really become apparent.


Patience is needed with Radiesse but do talk to Dr Kim if you have any concerns. Anti-histamines and ice can help settle the swelling sooner. Touch ups can also be done at your follow up.

Dermal filler treatments are available in Bromley and Beckenham clinics.