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Patient Procedure during Coronavirus (COVID 19) Outbreak

as of 16 March 2020


Due to the escalating nature of the Coronavirus and the risk of infection to people of all ages and physical health, the clinic is implementing new procedures to minimise spread of the virus to help protect the most vulnerable in our community.


The measures may seem scary and to some extreme. I also understand that different patients have different beliefs about the outbreak. As a doctor, I have worked in situations where loss of human life was high, and it is my duty to ensure patient safety any way that I possibly can. These measures are the way I show you and your families, my respect for your health and wellbeing.


If you feel uncomfortable at any time or feel the measures are extreme, and you wish to cancel or postpone your appointment, I completely understand. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.


The following procedures are now in place:


  • Clinics will only be held in Bromley. Beckenham clinics are suspended until further notice. 


As the facility at Beckenham has multiple users, I cannot guarantee the strictest infection control measures there. Utilising the smaller space in Bromley allows me to control the cleanliness of surfaces and to minimise common areas of touch which are high risk areas for virus transmission.


  • All patients will be screened prior to attendance. 


If you have symptoms of a cough, sore throat or runny nose then please do not attend the clinic, self-isolate and follow NHS guidelines. 


If you have travelled at all in the last 3 weeks, please discuss your travels with Dr Booysen so that she can assess your risk.


I will have to ask you to postpone your appointment if you arrive at the clinic having travelled or have symptoms.


  • All patients will be asked to wash hands as they arrive.


  • Hand shaking and hugs will be replaced by elbow taps.


  • Distances of 1m will be maintained during the consultation process.


  • New Patients will be asked to hold a FaceTime/Skype consultation prior to their in-clinic treatment.


This is to limit contact time, whilst still ensuring you receive all the information you require and are fully informed of treatment options.


  • Consent forms will be sent via Email and signed prior to attendance in the clinic.


This is to limit the touch points in the clinic which are high risk areas for virus transmission while still ensuring you fully consent to medical procedures. Failure to sign the forms before arrival may lead to your appointment being postponed.


  • Payments will be taken electronically prior to attendance in clinic.


This is to limit the touch points (payment machines) in the clinic, which are high risk areas for virus transmission. If you wish to pay with cash please advise Dr Booysen beforehand. Additional treatments will be billed on departure via a PayPal link. If you have Apple Pay, you may utilise this payment options in clinic, without touching the card reader.


  • Aftercare forms will be emailed electronically 


  • Dr Kim will continue to practice the highest levels of infection control.


These include hand washing before and after procedures, hand sanitiser use, use of sterile treatment packs, skin cleansing with viricidal Clinisept and disposal of clinical waste into appropriate medical waste disposal units.


  • Additionally, Dr Kim will wear a mask and eye protection during treatments.


  • Orders of skincare can now be delivered directly to your door.


Simply book a FaceTime discussion with Dr Booysen, pay the fee via PayPal link and your skincare will be delivered.


Thank you to all my patients for your understanding while we all adjust and implement measures to combat this virus. See you in clinic soon.