Patient Procedure during Coronavirus (COVID 19) Outbreak


Dear Patient,


The current COVID-19 pandemic has far-reaching effects on our everyday life and thus also on our daily clinical processes. Of course, I follow the regulations of the local health authorities and recommendations of national and international professional societies regarding the precautions to be taken before, during and after a procedure with regard to COVID-19. Please note that many of these guidelines are subject to constant change and that we will adapt them accordingly.


My primary goal is to prevent infections with coronaviruses and provide the safest treatment possible. To this end, I have upheld the very high safety standards in hygiene measures that apply to myself, the equipment and instruments used for your treatment. I have added further personal protective equipment (PPE), consisting of masks, face shields and aprons, to be used whenever necessary and appropriate. 


I have also created new policies for patients including online consults the day before treatment, triaging of patients, hand washing on arrival, shoe protection, minimising clinic contact time and preventing patient overlaps by spacing out appointment times. I am also only offering treatment to patients without COVID-19 symptoms to minimise the risk to patients. Please read the attached COVID-19 Clinic policy you will be asked to adhere to prior to consenting to and paying for treatment.


The treatments offered in clinic are elective, and therefore if you elect to have a treatment during this global pandemic, you must be aware that you place yourself at risk of contracting COVID-19 when having treatment. The risk of contracting the virus during such a treatment is low, but cannot be excluded, and the clinic will do its best to minimse any risks to you as outlined in the COVID-19 policy, but the clinic cannot be held liable for any consequences if you do contract COVID-19 after having a treatment. 


Currently, there is no specific drug for the treatment of COVID-19 disease and no vaccine against the virus; the risk of the virus is not yet fully known from a scientific point of view. Only the symptoms of the disease can be treated, which can be mild, moderate or severe, including pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), sepsis, septic shock, and other clinical manifestations, even death. 


You will be asked to sign a declaration stating that you fully understand that there is no guaranteed zero risk of acquiring the COVID-19 virus during or after the medical treatment, or during the review appointment, but that you are prepared to proceed with the treatment, having assessed and understood the risks involved. You are asked to agree with and follow the COVID-19 policies and procedures in place in the clinic during this time.


Please read the policies and procedures that are available, please watch the videos on safety procedures and ask any questions you have on the procedures either before or during your online consult


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation 

Dr Kim Booysen

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