£50 lip filler deals and why they are a bad idea!

So £50 may sound like an absolute bargain but here is why it’s not a good idea! You'll be in there for 15 minutes, they won't ask you any questions and if there is a problem suddenly you can't reach anyone! Unfortunately you get what you pay for! Here are a few things that people do to be able to sell lip filler at such a rock bottom price. Think carefully if this is what or how you want filler injected into your body... ​ Beginners charge cheaper prices. How else will they get people to practice on? If you want to have someone practice unsupervised on your biggest asset (your face!) then don’t be surprised by the lack of results I have been practising for many years and perform treatments d

What is Retinol? Why is everyone talking about it and what brand should I get?

If you have been reading about Retinol and are curious but don't really know what it does or which one to get, read this blog post to learn more. What does Retinol do? Retinol basically exfoliates the skin, helps produce more collagen and elastin (which makes your skin strong and flexible) and fights against free radicals which can accelerate collagen breakdown. Are all Retinols the same? Retin A (Tretinoin) is prescription strength Vitamin A and is retinoic acid so available to the skin immediately on application. Retinol is a weaker form of pure Vitamin A and needs to be converted to retinoic acid for the body to be able to use it. Why is Retinol so expensive? The real question we need to
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