Doing our bit for the environment!

Climate change is a big issue in the press at the moment and it is something I am quite passionate about. Making good environmental choices in the clinic is something I pride myself on. I thought it would be a good idea to let you know how the clinic is trying to make you look your best while helping the planet look good as well! If you think go anything we can change at the clinic to be more environmentally conscious please feel free to message me and suggest it. Recycling: To limit the impact of plastic on the environment the clinic pays for special plastic and other dry recyclable material to be removal via RTS Waste Management. The company recycles bubble wrap, sweet wrappers, plastic pa

Where are the "Botox" Christmas Deals?

I’ve had a few queries about any specials and deals available in the clinic during the run up to the festive season. This is always a difficult one, as everyone loves a little saving at this time of year. But aesthetic treatments, are medical treatments and there are several rules that govern the advertising and provision of these treatments. As “Botox” type treatments are performed using a prescription only medicine, this means that all the rules that apply to prescription medicines, apply to these treatments as well. You never see an advert for a sale on antibiotics from your GP for example, or a special for blood pressure medication for one week only, because of these rules. The rules
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